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Devoted to the history and men of the 37th Foot, 67th Foot, 37th North Hampshire Regt, 67th South Hampshire Regt, The Hampshire Regiment, The Royal Hampshire Regiment.

Pvt. 37TH Foot around 1759

This is a picture of one of the Museum's excellent exhibits.

37th button from 1776 found 3 years ago along the banks of the Cape Fear River at Southport, North Carolina.

Info in Don Troiani's "Military Buttons of the American Revolution" shows the 37th were in this area in spring 1776.

Button and Info from Jerry Owen.

Click image for larger view

Officer 37th Foot 1792
67th Officer 1854
Battalion Soldier 37th 1742
Uniforms 37th Foot
Uniforms 67th Foot
Uniforms 67th Foot
Click image for larger view

With thanks graphic and information
comes from:
Biography_Major E.R.B. Barnes.-
Major 37th North Hampshire's 1850's.
Lieutenant Barnes is probably in full dress review order. He is wearing an 1856 pattern infantry officers tunic with a scarlet silk sash over his left shoulder. The collar and sleeves show some fading, but would seem to be consistent with the yellow facings worn by the 37th Regiment of Foot at the time. The collar rank badges are those of a lieutenant showing a single crown rank badge and ½ inch of gold lace on the top edge of the collar.

The details of the sleeve are difficult to see. The three button sleeve decoration of the 1856 pattern tunic can be made out.

Lieutenant Barnes' medal is the South African Medal given for service in various campaigns from 1834 to 1853. Lieutenant Barnes served in a Native Corps from 1850 to 1853.

Lieutenant Barnes' is wearing a white enameled leather waist/sword belt. His sword is the 1822 pattern infantry officers sword which stayed in use until 1895. At this time it was probably being carried in a leather scabbard. The sword knot would have been crimson and gold with a bullion tassel.

Hampshire Regiment Officer's Victorian Tunic.
A fine1881 pattern dress tunic named and dated 1887, of scarlet melton cloth with white piped edging, pale yellow facings to the collar and cuffs. The collar is decorated with gold lace and gimp, retaining regimental pattern silver embroidered crimson centered collar badges. Gold bullion twisted roped shoulder cords mounted with embroidered 2nd Lieutenant's rank insignia. Cuffs are lavishly decorated with gimp and gold lacing. Eight gilt buttons of regimental pattern to the front and two to the top of the rear skirts. A levee sword belt of gold lace with a central crimson silk line having attached sword slings with the same design, fire gilt waistbelt clasp having a center design in silver bearing the Royal Crest surmounted with the Victorian Crown.

Click image for large image

Majors Full Dress Shako 1861 - 69
Infantry Officers Shako 1811-16

Officers 67th South Hampshire Regiment  
Other Ranks Breast Plate from the 1830's


To see larger images of these next 3 pictures click on the graphic.

These graphics are from the British Infantry Regiments Postcards (1)

Assault Pioneer Platoon Sergeant

and Drummer with Base Drum for info on uniforms contact me


Uniform worn in Northern Ireland, Consisting of, Combat Jacket, Green Light weight trousers, Boots combat high, webbing belt with two ammo pouches and one water bottle pouch. Weapon is the SLR
circa 1982

Drummer 1974 wearing a uniform worn in hot climate in this case Hong Kong. click image to inlarge

No.1 Dress
Regimental Belt worn by enlisted ranks, and consists of the Regiment Colours. Black, gold, Kenya red, leaf green, purple
Regimental Tie worn by non commissioned ranks is made up of the Regimental Colours

Black, gold, Kenya red, leaf green, purple

The tie was once the Officers Club Tie until they changed the design. Any pictures of an officers regimental tie are needed.