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Devoted to the history and men of the 37th Foot, 67th Foot, 37th North Hampshire Regt, 67th South Hampshire Regt, The Hampshire Regiment, The Royal Hampshire Regiment.
Ex-members Home page

Please Read (will save a lot of time and effort)

Welcome, this is the new ex-members homepage. Due to rhamps.com being defaced I have changed the ex-members section on this site to give us a section to use. I dont think it will be as good as the rhamps (being it was database driven) as I now have to enter everything by hand myself unless you use the NEW FORUM LINK.

You can see on the right I've set up a menu (which is also on the right ) you can use to access the ex-member pages and sections. The same goes for this site as per rhamps.com its only as good as you make it, I need photos, news, and your email address + info. Anything you can think of to keep the section growing and moving along with new content.

There are 3 ways to use this section. A old manual way were I have to type in your details in ROLL CALL or using the New Forum Link which will allow you to register free (at top of new forum) and will enable your information (mail address, name, location, etc) to be stored in a database, and be presented in a member list (just like the forum on rhamps.com). This makes it easier for friends to contact and leave private messages for you.

If you do not wish to register you can still post in the forum it just means you WILL NOT BE ADDED to the list of members which will means friends cant contact and leave private messages for you.

You can be listed on the old contact list page has been replaced with ROLL CALL a new contact page we had too many email address's that were no good and it became a nightmare. From now on if you still wish to have your email address added to that list i will add it or change the one listed. I am soon going to be testing all the address on it and any that get returned because of a bad address will be deleted. I WILL NOT KEEP CHANGING EMAIL ADDRESS'S EVERY WEEK ON THE ROLL CALL LIST (for those who seem to change their email every sunday)

Last is the OLD FORUM seems members still like the old forum that has been on this site so I have left it up. Again there is no way for mates to contact you using that message board and you cant leave private messages. Just click the big button that says Enter My Forum above.

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