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Devoted to the history and men of the 37th Foot, 67th Foot, 37th North Hampshire Regt, 67th South Hampshire Regt, The Hampshire Regiment, The Royal Hampshire Regiment.
The 2/67th South Hampshire Regiment

Below is a history of the 67th South Hampshire Regiment from 1785-1881 It shows the Date, War, and Battles fought, some have pictures. Click on the blue links to read about the role the Regiment played. I am trying to research all the battles and as I do I will be updating the Information I have.


Second Battalion Raised formed by men from Ireland under the Army Reserve Act.

  • Placed on establishment from 9th July
  • Augmented by men raised under Additional Force Act. 14th July 1804
  • In Ireland until 20th January embarked Warrens Point for Greenock Scotland
  • Arrived Scotland 23rd January
  • Embarked for Guernsey 29th February 1804
1804 Guernsey headed for Alderney in 17th November 1807
1807 - 1810 Alderney
1810 Guernsey arrived July 1810


  • 2 companies sent from England and joined the 6 in Cadiz
1812 - 1814 East coast of Spain
1814 - 1817 Gibraltar, Royal Authority to bear the word Barrosa on the colours and appointments.
1817 Disbanded

Peninsular Wars

The 2nd/67th South Hampshire Battalion was sent the Peninsular Wars. And in 1811 took part in the Battle of Barrosa.


1811. The 2nd / 67th South Hampshire's were part of the British, force with Spanish, and Portuguese troops under Spanish General Lapena who had night marched his troops for 15 days from Algeciros trying to relieve the Island fortress of Cadiz . Three times or more the General got his men lost and in one case ran into a well armed, in depth French force in which General Lapena withdrew without detection. After losing his way yet again Lepena found himself on Barrosa Ridge with 7,000 French between him and the Fortress of Cadiz. Taking the French by surprise he sent his Spanish units into a pine wood were large concentrations of French where located. The 2/ 67th flanked two battalions of Guards and a company of Grenadiers, and waited as the French advanced in line.

The 2/67th flanking fire dismayed the French which halted in disorder and in doing so stopped a 2nd french battalion behind from opening fire. The 2/67th immediately advanced from the flanks in a pincer movement, and the French never fully recovered from the disorder. But three times they captured the ridge and three times they were driven off and buy the end of the day defeated, having lost 3,000 of the 7,000 men. The allied forces numbered 4,000 who were tried from night marches, and whose casualties were 1,200 they also captured 400 prisoners, five cannon, and a prized eagle ensign. The 2nd /67th gained the battle honour for Barrosa. Later the 2nd /67th was involved in Barcelona , and the fort of San Felipe south of Tarragona on the 31st of May 1813 . In 1815 the Duke of Wellington awarded the battle honour for Peninsular to units that served with him from 1808-1814 so both the 2 /67th and the 37th (who were in Spain ) got the battle honour

2nd /67th Disbanded

After hostilities the Regiment went to Gibraltar and remained there until 1817. When the 2nd /67th was disbanded on the 27th of May 1817 Due to the reduction of the standing army after the war. They received The Battle Honour "Barrosa" the day before they disbanded.

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