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Devoted to the history and men of the 37th Foot, 67th Foot, 37th North Hampshire Regt, 67th South Hampshire Regt, The Hampshire Regiment, The Royal Hampshire Regiment.

Nothing is truly Gone until it is Forgotten

Below are all of the Hampshire battalions that formed for WWI Click on a battalion to find out what it did. During World War I, The Hampshire Regiment raised a total of 32 battalions from its pre-war establishment of 2 regular, 1 reserve and 11 territorial battalions. The regiment won a total of 82 battle honours and three Victoria Crosses but lost a total of 7,580 men as casualties. By clicking on the battalion you will find out which Division and Brigade they belong too and the battles they fought. There is also accounts of some of the battles the Hampshire fought in.

This Section was made possible with the help of these excellent sites
1st Bn. Hampshire
2nd Bn. Hampshire
3rd (Reserve) Bn. Hampshire
1/4th Battalion T.F.
1/5th Battalion T.F.
1/6th (Duke of Connaught's Own) Battalion T.F.
1/7th Battalion T.F.
1/8th (Isle of Wight Rifles, Princess Beatrice's) Battalion T.F.
1/9th (Cyclist) Battalion T.F.
2/4th Battalion T.F.
2/5th Battalion T.F
2/6th (Duke of Connaughts' Own) Battalion T.F.
2/7th Battalion T.F.
2/8th (Isle of Wight Rifles, Princess Beatrice's) Battalion T.F.
2/9th (Cyclist) BattalionT.F.
3/4th Battalion T.F.
3/5th BattalionT.F.
3/6th Battalion
3/7th Battalion T.F.
3/8th Battalion
3/9th (Cyclist) Battalion T.F.
10th Battalion ( Field Service Bn.)
11th Battalion (Pioneers) ( Field Service Bn.)
12th Battalion ( Field Service Bn.)
13th Battalion ( Field Service Bn.)
14th Battalion (1st Portsmouth) ( Field Service Bn.)

15th Battalion (2nd Portsmouth) ( Field Service Bn.) a.k.a. 15th (Hampshire Yeomanry ) Bn. 1917

16th ( Local Reserve) Battalion (Non Field Service Bn.)
17th (Home Service )Bn. (Non Field Service Bn.)
18th (Home Service) Battalion 1916 (Non Field Service Bn.)
1st Garrison Battalion 1918 (Non Field Service Bn.)
51st ( Graduated ) Bn. (Non Field Service Bn.)
52nd ( Graduated ) Bn. (Non Field Service Bn.)
53rd ( Young Soldiers )Bn. (Non Field Service Bn.)
84th Provisional Battalion
18th ( Garrision ) Battalion