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Devoted to the history and men of the 37th Foot, 67th Foot, 37th North Hampshire Regt, 67th South Hampshire Regt, The Hampshire Regiment, The Royal Hampshire Regiment.
Nothing is truly Gone until it is Forgotten

The 1/9th (Cyclist) Battalion, The Hampshire Regiment (Territorial Force)

Formed November 11th 1911 With HQ at Southampton as a new territorial unit of the regiment. Commanded by Major R.A. Johnson of the 4th Bn. who had done much to develop the 1st Volunteer Battalions Cyclist Sections. Was mobilized on 4 Aug. 1914 at Hamilton House, Commercial Road, Southampton. It was not assigned to a formation until 8 Aug. 1914 when it was despatched to Louth, Lincolnshire. In Oct. 1914 it found itself at Chichester, Sussex; in April. 1915 at St Leonards. But in Nov. 1915 it was moved to Chiseldon, Wiltshire, joining three other cyclist battalions (the 2/6th Royal Sussex, 1/25th London and 1/1st Kent) for conversion to dismounted infantry. The three battalions formed a brigade originally intended for service in East Africa. On 4 Feb. 1916 the battalion sailed from Devonport for India.

In Oct. 1918 it was moved to Siberia as part of a little known British intervention in the post revolutionary Russian Civil War. It arrived at Vladivostock on 28 Nov. 1918. The battalion was in Russia and Siberia until Nov. 1919 and then returned to England via Canada, arriving at Southampton on 5 Dec. 1919.

Here we are talking about the 1/9th Battalion after Armistice and its final adventures. The Battalion was at Ambala in October 1918 with 2 companies at Kasauli the 9th was again ordered to molbilize and join a largely Canadian force which was to assist the anti-Bolshevik elements in Siberia. The 1/9th Bn. had been attacked by the influenza epidemic and on October 29th 33 officers, 990 men embarked at Bombay for Vladivostock the ravages of the epidemic made the journey a very trying experience the ships hospital was swamped with the sick. Several men died, others had to be left in hospital in Colombo, Singapore, and Hong Kong the latter was reached on November 16th.

In Hong Kong Colonel Johnson tried to have his Battalion landed to give his sick a chance to recover and get the men fit by some marching and physical drill but his representations were over ruled and the battalion was sent on at once to Vladivostock already in the grip of winter.The battalion reached Vladivostock on the 25th of November the 1/9th landing the next day quaetered in a cavalry barracks and issued arctic clothing which had been supplied by the Canadians. The battalion moved by trucks to the train station leaving there on December 18th for the 4,000 mile journey across Siberia to Omsk which was the head quarters of Admiral Koltchak.

Omsk was reached on the 7th of January. The Commanding officer of the 25th Middlesex already in Omsk was glad to see his reinforcements the 1/9th Hampshire arrive. The 9th remained in Omsk until May when they were sent to Ekaterinburg at the foot of the Urals. Then in August the 9th retraced its steps across Serbia to Vladivostock which they left for Vancouver on November 1st 1919. After completing the circuit around the world they reached Southampton on December 5th to be warmly received.

Pictures courtesy: Major Terry Honour RCEME
Vladivostock, Dec 3rd 1918 during a march past before the British High Commissioner, Mr W Elliot. Click images to see larger pictures
1/9th Hampshire Company of 1/9th
Pictures from David Lock
“West Meon men of the 9th / 16th??? Hampshire Regiment, India , 1916”

rear row: A Simpson T Edwards H Weeks

middle row: B.Weeks H Tutt W Crockford W Birch N Carter

front row : F Gregory W Gregory W Tulley A Beckenham M Tutt M Lambourn

1/9th (Cyclist) Battalion, The Hampshire Regiment (Territorial Force)

all men from the West Meon area

LCpl Alex Dove believed to be 1/9th picture from David Kinna