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Devoted to the history and men of the 37th Foot, 67th Foot, 37th North Hampshire Regt, 67th South Hampshire Regt, The Hampshire Regiment, The Royal Hampshire Regiment.
Nothing is truly Gone until it is Forgotten
43rd Wessex Division
1/5th Hampshire Regiment

August 1914 : in Southampton. Part of Hampshire Brigade, Wessex Division. 9 October 1914 : sailed for India, landing Karachi 11 November 1914. The Wessex Division was a Territorial Force Division already in existence at the outbreak of the war. The Division was quick to form its "Foreign Service" units and on September the 26th it was selected for service in India.

The Hampshire's would embark on October 9th and replace regular units in Divisions already in existence in India. The Division remained there sending many drafts to fighting units in the Middle East. Divisional and Brigade staff did not accompany them but remained behind to take over the "Second Line" Division of the Home Service units. 128th (Hampshire) Brigade. A month after leaving England they arrived in Bombay and the four Battalions separated to their different locations 1/5th Bn Hampshire Regt. 04 Aug. 1914 - Dec. 1914. To the 8th (Indian) Division to Allahabad. In 1918 the 1/5th were in Burma and returned to India in October.

They were sent to Ambala and relieved the 9th Bn. Remained there until spring 1919. When riots broke out in the Punjab they found themselves on internal security in and around Ambala 200 men being sent to Simla, and train escorts for Europeans being sent up into the hills. Just as Things had settled down threatened trouble with Afghanistan led to hostilities and the 5th was sent to Kohat and joined the 46th Mobile Brigade. Kohat was in a bad state, unsanitary conditions, hot weather, poor supply of bad water.

They moved out to Mohammed Zai Fort to man some partly constructed lines which was a relief for them, the lines were attacked twice by Afghans or local tribesmen who were easily beaten off, the second time largely by artillery without any loss to the 5th who remained until the end of June. In Kohat Cholera broke out and spread to the 5th who lost 6 men others succumbed to the heat wave. The end of June saw them move to Ambala and the end of hostilities the 5th went to the hills HQ. B, and C companies going to Solon, A, and D going to Dagshai. In September the 5th moved to Bombay to embark and left on the 15th October and arrived in Southampton on November 8th.