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Devoted to the history and men of the 37th Foot, 67th Foot, 37th North Hampshire Regt, 67th South Hampshire Regt, The Hampshire Regiment, The Royal Hampshire Regiment.
Royal Hampshire Regiment from 1946-1992

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1st Battalion The Royal Hampshire Regiment.
 1946 Awarded the distinction Royal. 
1947 UK depot
1948 Amalgamated with 2nd Battalion 08-10-48
 1951 Part of B.A.O.R. (British Army of The Rhine) in Germany. Minden
 1953 England
 1954 Malaya. 18 Inf Bde
 1957 Germany. Münster & Lemgo 20 Bde
 1960 West Indies. West Indies
 1962 Germany Münster
 1965 England
 1966 Far East
 1967 England. Netheravon
 1970 Reduced to Minden Company.
 1972 Reconstituted England: Colchester went to Northern Ireland
England: Colchester & Northern Ireland
England: Colchester 19 Inf Bde
Northern Ireland Ballykelly 8 Inf Bde
Hong Kong
Northern Ireland
Münster 4 Armd Div
Munster (11 Armd Bde )& Northern Ireland
1983 -85
Berlin, Berlin Bde
England Tidworth, 1 Inf Bde
England Tidworth, & North Ireland
Northern Ireland Londonderry 8 Infantry Brigade
England: Colchester, 19 Inf Bde, & Northern Ireland

England: Colchester, 19 Inf Bde

amalgamated with 1st Bn, The Queen's Regiment, and 2nd Bn, The Queen's Regiment, to form 1st Bn, The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment and 2nd Bn, The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment



In 1945-46 The Hampshire's received the freedoms of Aldershot, Bournemouth, Southampton, and Winchester. Then in 1946 an order dated 28th November gave the Hampshire's its highest accolade.

The Citation Read.

"In Recognition of past services His Majesty. The King has been graciously pleased to approve that the following Regiments shall in future enjoy the distinction "ROYAL." The regimental honours list was short and the Hampshire's were one of them. Meredith's had finally been crowned.

After Demobilization the 1st and 2nd went back to its two regular Battalions, and in 1949 they were amalgamated, numerically, the 1st Battalion The Royal Hampshire Regiment.


In 1951 as part of the British Army of The Rhine they were stationed in Germany for two and a half years and spent months in Minden itself were they trooped the Colour on the 1st of August on the site of the Battlefield of 1759. In October 1953 the days of the Federated Malay States as part of the Queens realm in the Far East were ending and in October 1953 The Royal Hampshire's spent six weeks in England and then headed for Malaya,


The Battalion came home and began six week training for Malaya and after being inspected by the Colonel of the Regiment, Brigadier Cadoux-Hudson they boarded the troopship Dunera, and headed for Malaya.


In 1953 they arrived in Malaya the Royal Hampshire's fared well and served with distinction, in the guerrilla fighting in the hills and forest. In 1956 Malaya became independent and the Regiment went back to Germany.


From 1956 - 1960 The Regiment went back to Germany, from 56-57 the 1R Hamps was stationed in Oxford Barracks, Munster. In 1957 Malaya became independent. The battalion stayed in Germany until 1960 When it went to the West Indies.

West Indies.

The Battalion arrived in Jamaica in 1960 and were tasked with quelling uprisings in Jamaica, and hurricane relief in British Honduras. After two years the battalion went back to Germany 1962. They were the last British Regiment to serve there.

The following is a list of British and Canadian Units that have served in Jamaica:
The Royal Sussex Regiment 1919 - 1921
XIV West Yorkshire 1920, 1930 - 1931
Fifth Fusilier 1931 - 1934
The Manchester Regiment 1934 - 1935
Sherwood Foresters Notts & Derby 1935 - 1939
VI GR 1938
KSLI 1939 - 1940
Winnipeg Grenadiers 1940 - 1941
Argyll and Sutherland Canada 1941 - 1943
1st Battalion Irish Fusiliers Ivan Regiment 1943 - 1944
The Brockville Rifles 1944 - 1946
28th & 61st Egypt Gloucestershire 1947 - 1949
QARANC (Canada) 1948 - 1962
27 1st Battalion The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1949 - 1957
Women Royal Army Corp 1949 - 1962
1st Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers 1951 - 1954
1st Battalion the Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry 1954 - 1957
The Worcestershire Regiment 1957 - 1960
XXXVII & VII Royal Hampshire 1960 - 1962



1962 The Battalion arrived back in Germany for there final stint of occupational duties, and were stationed at Waterloo Barracks, Munster. Until 1965 when they went back to England.


The Battalion was only in England for a year when in 1966 in completed a emergency tour to the Far East.

Far East.

1966 in completed a emergency tour to the Far East and completed a six month active service tour in Borneo, during this time also went to Hong Kong, and Malaya.


From 1967-70 The Battalion was based at Netheravon Salisbury, they did a six month United Nations tour in Cyprus, and four month tour in Belfast Ireland at the beginning of the riots.

Minden Company.

In 1970 the Battalion was reduced to Company strength and Known as Minden Platoon. In 1972 the company was reformed as a Battalion on its return to England from Gibraltar.


Based in Colchester, England.
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