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Devoted to the history and men of the 37th Foot, 67th Foot, 37th North Hampshire Regt, 67th South Hampshire Regt, The Hampshire Regiment, The Royal Hampshire Regiment.
Ex-member Contact List  - Contains 213 Names
This list is up to date and many of the email address are old. All ex-member contact information is now also handled through RHAMPS.COM which allows you to add your contact information and update it when it changes by yourself. Back to main Index LAST UPDATED 09-4-05

Anderson, Stuart
a.k.a. andy anderson / or the french jock{kerswell}
5 Years. Served with 8 platoon, Y Coy I remember mick hughes saying he was going to put his size 9 up my azz as we were walking around a big lake in darwin, somethings u never 4get, how r the grot mags mick?
Andrews, Steve
a.k.a. Andy
90-94 Jerseyman, joined JIB Shorncliffe Sep 90. Served Colchester, Kenya , Spearhead tour. Went through amalgamation, Left 1 PWRR, Omagh, Dec 94. Anyone know Baz Watkins 2489....I think he's from Andover. Cheers..
Appleby, Allan 1977 to 1992 1 R Hamps 1992 to present 1PWRR Regards to all that know me.
Arthur-Worsop, Robert
a.k.a. AW
18 1/2 years. HI to all Dave Harris e-mailed me the link and it was great to see some old mates messages. Since leaving I have been living in Perth Western Australia and love it. Hope to hear from those who remember me until then take care to all
Auger, Rob
a.k.a. Yogi
No message sent.
Baker, Phil
a.k.a. Bakes
1974 - 1979 Whittington Barracks, short spell in Chatham whilst waiting for Regt to return from Hong Kong, N Ireland recce platoon, Munster anti-tank platoon. It would be great to hear from anyone
Ball, Fred
a.k.a big nose/shonky
76 to 83 - Anyone remember me I was in the drums plt Y coy and anti-tanks
Barker, Shane
a.k.a. Sid Barker
13 years, Hello to all ex Royal Hampshires who remember me. By the way I am still living in Germany.
Barnes, Chris
a.k.a. Puggers
1978-1984 Now living in Tamworth,went to Depot Lichfield, left army and settled up here, was in B Coy then as a medic, hope everyone is doing fine, enjoying life. Take care all.
Bates, Martin
a.k.a. Aussie
1973-1979. 7 platoon Y coy served in Hongkong, Northen Ireland, and Germany. Now living in the midlands
Battley, Greg
a.k.a. General
1979 - 1989 I J L B 79, 80-89 7 Pl, Bn HQ, Mor Pl, Int Cell, Z HQ in Munster, Dover, Fermangh, Falklands, Berlin, Tidworth, S. Armagh. Ended my time as RMP (I know a Monkey Bastard!). Now working for the United Nations in Holland. Just would like to say hi to all former Royal Hampshires everywhere and especially to any that remember me
Baughan, Pete
a.k.a. SAS
1978 - 1986 Well what a surprise - found this web site by mistake - nice to see that some old names/rogues are still around.
Baxter, Alan
a.k.a. Bill
6 with regiment, 22 total Hi all Bill Baxter here. served with drums 65 -74, cyprus, netheravon,malaya,colchester,Gib , and HK. any minden co would remember the big stink when I drove a landrover of the end of the runway in Gib and cut the radar cables (oops) Xmass time i think but very very drunk website: http://www.vicaragefarm.co.uk
Beaton, Max 1966 - 1969 7 plt "Y" Coy then Transferred to the RCT
Belbin Bryan
a.k.a. nibleb
I was a member of A coy 1 platoon & anti-tank from 82-87 if anyone know's me please contact me it will be nice to catch up. I Served in Falklands, Berlin & N.I. Again if anyone know's me please contact.
Bettesworth, Steve
a.k.a. Betty
1979 - 1996 Served recce platoon 1982 - 1987 and then posted to the staffords for 3 years where i served in the gulf. Like to say hello to Baz Towers and Dave Turley and anyone else who cares about me. Great to have served wit the BEST regiment ever.
Blaylock, Steve 1984-1992 Still serving PWRR. Would like here from any one from the old days still serving PWRR on E post with OPTAG
Blower, Wyn 1972 1985 To all that remember me get in touch
Bond, Richard I was serving in Cyprus between 1963 and 1967 at Ordnance Depot Cypus - Vehicle Depot Dhekelia when "Tiger Company" all that was left of the Regiment at that time, does anyone recall collecting Vehicles for UN use during that time?
Bougourd Carl
a.k.a. bougy (no toes)
19 years Nice to hear from any one of you, especially the (drawf, remember darwin when chappy got a severe beating, because there was a message on the blackboard after you had come back from instructing on the n.c.os cadre at black hill house welcoming you back, but i deliberatly spelt it wrong so you would go and ask every one in the platoon how to spell dwarf, it was odds on favourite chappy would spell it wrong and so got a good couple of kidney punches) Bob Elson, can't wait to hear from you and Ginge Hilton
Hope to hear from you soon.
Bourne, Phil
a.k.a. SAS
1982-1994 now living in jersey, me and cass still flat out only me kidneys cant take it anymore
Broadhurst, Richard
a.k.a. Broady / Buttocks
1987-1992 Tidworth, Londonderry & Colly. 6Plt, BCoy. Anyone remembers then drop this now 'Old Bill' a line
Brown, Bob 1972-4 Looking for alan bartlett southampton area
Burchell, Ken It would be great to here from old mates again.Look forward to hear from some soon
Burton, Mark
a.k.a Burt
5 1/2 years Just looking for some old faces, still in contact with Addie McGill and Micheal Holman. Would love to hear from anyone else who remembers us saddo's
Burton, Vernon As one of the FEW old Mindin Company guys who sereve (if you want to call it that) in Gib (befor the "full" regiment re-started, it's really GREAT to find a site about the Tigers
Burton-Hal, L J
a.k.a. Burt
Nice to see someones keeping the old regiment alive. Served from 1972-1979. A coy, recce plt, int/public relations, A coy.
Bygrave, Phillip
a.k.a. Max
1975 to 1981 left 1 R hamps in Dover to transfer to the RAPC (bad move) but no ones perfect.
Campbell, Elliot
a.k.a. cabbage
1986-1997 YCoy 9Plt and finished in Recce Plt. Now living in Hampshire.
Carre' Jason
a.k.a. jason
89/97 Hi to all that know me.
Carre Shaun 83-88 Served in Berlin/Tidworth A COY 3 PLT.Nice to see/here from some of the lads.Great site long may it last.
Carter, Matt
a.k.a. Jimmy Carter
1983 - 1988 Good to see many old ` muckers ` on here I was in Y Coy in Berlin and Tidworth then moved to the Signals platoon to have an easy life before I got out. Would be great to hear from any old mates.
Carter, Ronnie 1983--------still serving 1PWRR. Another change in my e-mail to anyone who knows me.e-mail or give us a call. served 4,5,6,platoon and now MT SGT 1PWRR.
Cauvain, Jez 1988 - 1992 Still living in Jersey (Tax Free). Interested in hearing from anyone from B Coy 5 Plt who served in Londonderry in 1990

Chadwick, Paul


24 years and still serving I'm now a WO2 on the Long Service List and posted to Colchester. I still keep in touch with: * Mouse Matthews* Rob McDermott* Ken Ruston I occasionally bump in to: * Tez Terrett* John Boy Walton who both live locally.
Chance, Glyn
a.k.a. Chancey
89 to present day now with 1 PWRR any one that new me give me a shout.
Charnley, Mark
a.k.a. Taff
1983 - 1992 Any old mates out there wanting to re-new old friendships.
Cheshire, Andy
a.k.a. chesh
Y coy in 1979 in munster then I went to the signal platoon then i went back to Y coy as a member of the sig's det, I finally left the regt' in 1990 if anyone wants to drop me a line it would be great to hear from you
Christie, Andy
a.k.a. Jock
13 years still serving with 2nd Battalion PWRR. Greetings to anyone that knows me out there
Clarke, Gavin
a.k.a Nobby
84 - 92 If anyone out there remembers me, drop a line, would be good to here from you....... Oh it's good to see so many of the old farts are still with us...( Mick Mulligan, Al Nicholls... )....hahaha
Clark, Phil "Nobby"
a.k.a. Nobby Clark
5 years (just under) Joined 5 Platoon B Company in Berlin - September 1983. Left Tidworth April 1988. Looking to contact old mates from the old days like, Cpl Moose Moore (from Middlesborough), LCpl Dale Allen, and any others?
Clarke, Rob
a.k.a. Nobby
1982-present Great to c so many OLD gits are still alive, that incl you Elson and T.Moore.Does anyone no way lend us a tenner til derry terry has gone.mick are you still working with the traffic lights.No seriously Pete Manning is he still alive.
Clarke, Robert
a.k.a. Nobby
1979 - 1992 served in A coy then anti-tanks before becoming milan it is great to see so many old names still kicking around is kerswell (the cart horse) still wettting the bed.
Clowser, Jason
a.k.a Cloudy / Fritz
1982-1986 with 6 plt. B coy (swamp rats) in the Falklands
Cole, Bob 1963--1972 - Looking for any-one who knew me.
Coleman, Roger
a.k.a. Crazy Horse
1954-1981 - A real thriving web site, I am most impressed. Some of the names I recognise memory is failing for the rest probably I didn't lock you up in Colchester circa 1972. Happy days and it says much for the spirit of The Tigers that we are still comrades. I speak on the Regiment 'Follow the Drum' and get the audience to sing 'The Farmers Boy' it brings the house down. Dont forget our chums who might need help keep an eye out for them, some need help and are too proud to ask. Best wishes Roger Coleman
Collings, Phil
a.k.a Killer
5 Plt B Com (1982-84) Mortar Plt. Z Com (1984-86).
Collyer, Kevin new email address 74-00 Greetings to all who remember me. "We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when"!Ex B, Z, HQ Coys. Ballykelly - Colchester with a couple of years off in there somewhere.
Cooper, Andre ( Jim) 1963-1973 Y coy 1.R.Hamps Looking for anyone who knew my husband Jim who was in Munster, H.K Singapore, Borneo, Cyprus, & N.Ireland, Minden and last place before discharge was Roman Barracks, Colchester used to knock around with Les Harper, Pete Copping and woggie shearwood, & Jim Bond we are now living in Australia and I would like to find some of his old army mates
Cooper, Brian
a.k.a. Coope
69-78 Signal Plt, Look forward to hearing from any one who knew me.
Cowan, Andy
1980-83 4th platoon in Munster and Dover. COP in Fermanagh and then Y Coy in the Falklands and Berlin. Now I own 2 Domino's Pizza stores in Leicester and look like I eat the profits. I was amazed I recognised so many names on the site, I hope some of you remember me, hopefully in a good way!
Cox, Albert Served WW2
Cox, Derek
a.k.a. "Del"
68-72, Neatheravon, 25th D-Day celebrations,Unicyp, Malaya, Gib, and not forgetting Cupar St.Pete Copping Platoon Sgt, any body seen him I owe him a pint. Happy to make contacts
Cox, Jeremy Sept 82 - Jan 87. I served with 8plt Y Coy then with Anti-Tanks
Crook, Paul 1980-84, Y Coy & B Coy. Looking for Warren Reeves
Crowley Mick 1972 - 1994 I would like to here from any R Hamps, send me an email Y coy A coy HQ coy, mostly in N.I.
Csikasz, Chick Anyone who was in Anti-Tanks from Berlin to Coly or 3 platoon Muster to Berlin 1980 - 92
Cupples Paul
a.k.a Cups
1984 - 1997 I would just like to say hi to all who knew me and maybe "pull up an email sandbag"
Curtis, Mark
a.k.a. Curt or Mark
1981 - still serving Served with the 1st Bn from Aug 82 till the saddest day in history Aug 92. Still serving with the new Regt. Nice to see that there are some familiar names. Send us an e-mail for any one that knows me!
Cutler, Dale
a.k.a. 49
1979-1982, 10plt Derry 79, Drums plt Portugal - Munster - Dover - Fermanagh. I would love to hear from anyone who knew me.
Cutler, Wayne
a.k.a. 15
1979-1984 Would like to hear from anybody who remembers me, served with the regiment between 79-84 Drums plt Munster, Denmark, NI, Falklands and Dover.....Many good times!!
Davies, Ray
a.k.a. Taff
1977 1988 - to all you ex tigers drop me a line some time exp ken burchall, gaz peck, bob elson, kev collyer, mick hood, love to hear from you
Day, Stephen
a.k.a. Steve
1969 to1975 Minden Coy to Hong Kong- J.I.B.Folkstone to Minden Coy A company then M.T. Driver training in Hong Kong.
Dodd, Kevin
a.k.a Doddy
22 years. served from 1972-1994, left the 1st Battalion as a W02 to go to the Intelligence Corps in 1988(ish). Wish to hear from anyone who remebers me. Living in Hampshire and working as director of security (worldwide) for a large mining group.
Donald, Gary
a.k.a. Don
A Coy, Drums and then 9Pl Y coy whilst in Berlin. Signals Pl in Tidworth and A Coy(again) in Forkhill.Great times and numerous hangovers. Transferred to RMP now living in Durham and working as a social worker. would love to here from all who know me. And no I do not still have my Fiat 127. And where is Eugene Mulcahy from Basingstoke?
Dudley, Phil 75-93 Does anybody know the where abouts of Katie Boyle (sober bloke), Ken Patterson and Barry Judd (last seen heading north). N.B. Dale I thought you mislaid your tracksuit in Hamburg, mucker.
Dugan, Fred updated
a.k.a. Doogie
1984 - 1989, Berlin, Tidworth Like to hear from any old mates - especially Y co. past and present. Any info. on reunions would be good!
Dugan, Rick
a.k.a. brain dead, Rick, Duggy
13 years 107 days hey guys still here as handsome as usual, any body wanna get in touch drop me a line will do beers, not available till end of november as training for new career.
Duggan, Steve
a.k.a. Dug Dugmong
1984 - 1995 Served from late Dover till mid Omagh. Would particularly like to make contact (oops forbidden word) with Killer Collins, Pete Yates or Nick Duncan. Just setting up my own company in Winchester any ex tigers want a job?
Dunbar, Rob
a.k.a. Smurf
Nice to see some names from the past. Good site keep it going.
Edwards, Jason
a.k.a. Eddie
1989-1992 4 Pl,B Coy.L/Derry and Collie.Anyone who knows me especially Blaylock and Hodge.(You know who you are!!). And Dapper (Believe)
Edwards, Steve
a.k.a. Eddie
1973 to 1976 Anyone who remembers me from HQ Coy or Z Coy in Gough Bks, Gun Club or Erskine please drop me a line.
Elgar, Grant 1985 - present Joined in Tidworth, stiil serving but now flying Gazelles all over the place, currently in NI (Aldergrove) yes slipper city I know!! But what a good crack!!
Elkins, Tony A blast from the past, keep it up. Good to speak to Mr Clowser again. (Earlybirds has shut & I never really had asthma)
Elliott, Richard T.
a.k.a. Rich/Richy
7yrs - Served with 1st Royal Hamps, in Gib, Colchester, Hong Kong, Ballykelly to mention just a few. While in Gib. served with the Minden Coy. Colchester.......Y Coy. Moving on to ante tanks and M.T. in Ballykelly. Would like to hear from anyone that can remember me, please drop me a line
Elms John 1958/1964 Any one who knew me during my
years in 1/R/HAMPS, LEMGO W/INDIES, MUNSTER. Please get in touch with thanks.
Elson, Bob 22 years. Despite what mulligan says, I'm sat next to my son who is typing out this message. so up yours mullins. I enjoy reading messages from other old farts from the regiment lets keep it going lads.
Englfield Barry 1983-1989. 7 Platoon Y Company and Anti-tanks. Had some great times. Still remember many names including: Trickett, Bougy, Batch, Millward, Hemsley, Plent, Dutch etc, etc. Get in touch if you want to
Farrant, David 1957-1958 glad to get in contact with people serving in Winchester or Lemgo,Germany during this period particularly Z company officers - Ian Havelock Stevens Robert Bigland, David Mant, Robin Tillyard and any others who remember me
Finklaire, Trevor MBE I was commissioned into the Regiment in 1973 and commanded 7Pl, Y coy in Colchester, NI and Hong Kong. I later commanded Y company in Tidworth and was 2IC of 2 PWRR on amalgamation. On promotion to Lt Col, I commanded 6/7 PWRR with a company in Portsmouth
Fogarty, Mick
a.k.a. Dusty
1975 - 1992 Lost touch after moving to Jersey, Back in Uk now be great to here from Moose, Tiny, Dave Hayden or others of a SIMILAR VINTAGE.
Formaggia, Ron
a.k.a Ron Stacey
Interested in contacting anyone who knew my Great Uncle served in Italy and then Greece in WWII.
Fripp, Mick
a.k.a. Frippy
17 years served from 79 to 96 would like to hear from anyone who knows me .
Gee Bob (fingers)
a.k.a fingers ford
78-93 could'nt put it of no longer so I nicked a computer and have been dragged into the 22nd century. Any one who knows me and wants to send and recieve abuse feel free. served 78-93 mostly in the s**t.
Glover Ivan 1955-62 I was HQ coy Sigs Pl, 2 PL "A" coy
and 7 Pl "Y" Coy. Now living in WQest Australia since 1970. Would like to hear from any, Malay, Germany and Jamacia Vets

Goodchild, Alf

e-mail not available

Former member of R.Hamps. Later Served Para Regt Present member of Sgt!s Dinner Fund. Greeting to Roger C, and Gordon Burt.
Grant, Rob
a.k.a. Bobby Cool
1977 to 1985 anyone that remembers me. highburygunners@aol.com or robgrant@generali-guernsey.com
Gray, Peter
a.k.a. Paddy
1974 - 1988 Left R.Hamps in 1988 and finished my service with REME at Arborfield July 1996 website: http://over50s0.tripod.com/50
Greco, John 1969 to 1997
Greene, Chris 1962 - 1978 / 1962-69 Corps of Drums. Break up of Regiment 1970-72 Glosters(ugh). Back to the Regiment 1972-78 Signals Platoon. Anyone wants to can drop me a line it would be wonderful to hear from you and find out how the world is treating you. All E-Mails will be answered.
Gunniss, Allan
a.k.a Gunner - Gunni
1984-90 Like to hear from any ex 6plt 84- 86 Recce 86 - 88 or Signals plt 88 - 90. Still living in sunny Blackpool serving as a police officer,
Haggar, Dave
a.k.a. Bumpkin
Like to get in touch with Frank Middlebrook,"jango" Jarmey or any one who remembers me from 1plt Acoy. I'm also still in touch with the guy's in jersey if any one wants any info
Haines, Harry George 1939-46 Would be intrested to hear from anybody who served with my father Harry Haines in WW2. He was in North Africa , Sicicly Malta and Italy and post war in Austria. Thank you. Kevin Haines [son].
Hale, Alan 1968- 71 "B" Coy 6 plt Ireland and Cyprus would be great to get in touch with anyone who served in regt at netheravon at that time.
Hall, John 1972 to 1979 - I served in Hong Kong, Ireland, Muster, Colchester. I would love to hear from anyone who knew me, I was in 2 Platoon "A" Company. I am now working in the USA Toledo.
Hamilton, John
a.k.a Hammy
1988 - 1998 (with a view well discussed "business breaks") Enjoying the civvi hi life working hard and playing harder. Cassin, Bourne where are you????
Harder, Paul 1964/1974 Hi to any of my old mates from the "good old days" I hope you are all well and doing good.
Harris, Dave
a.k.a Dog
1979-1993 Now working as a IT Consultant and living in Basingstoke.
Harris, John
a.k.a. Harry 'H'
13 years 1985-1998. Tidworth, Londonderry, Colchester, (Bosnia AWOL, unofficial tour),Omagh and Canterbury. 4plt B Coy, Recce Plt, Close Observation Plt, Training Wing,Sniper Section. Website: www.globalrisk.uk.com
Havers, Allan
a.k.a. H or Tinys Brother
1985 - 1991 Tidworth, S.Armagh, Kenya, Londonderry, Now living in Florida since 1998 Firearms Instructor NRA
Havers, Dean
a.k.a. Tiny
1978-2001 Good to see so many old names still around. Now settled in NI, will make contact (can I use that word on these means?) in due course.
A Havlin
a.k.a. Tony
1961 -1966 21 years & 121 days regular Service 1st JSW Honiton then Signals Platoon Munster transferred to R Signals in 66 serving with Para and other R. Signals units in Aldershot, Catterick, Bulford, Cyprus, Soltau, Krefeld, Kiel, Belfast, Ouston, Blanford, Southampton(OTC)with extended side trips to Canada (Ottawa CAF JAG Office) and USA (LA)left in Dec 82 (went to University)and served for another 10 years in TA - 63(SAS)Signal Squadron & 71st(Yeomanry) Signal Regt now gainfully employed legal officer Local Government
Hayden, Dave 1976 1989 Hi to all the guys, hope you are all fit and well, and keeping yer heads down!!
Heath, Steve
a.k.a. The Weazel
Anyone from A Compnay 3 Platoon 1980 - 1985
Hein Paul
a.k.a. SAS hein
Paul Hein and Mags Cain look forward to any contacts go on give it a try.
Henry, Les
a.k.a Paddy
13 yrs Anybody knows of Tony Dicker, Terry Alan,or Bob Le Galadec [hope I spelt it right bob] Bob remember 'Don't leave me in this @@##$$& STATE, Canada. Dicker I still live the Lion Rock days ,though I'm still doing abit. Only not in HK now located in THAILAND PADDY
Hilton, Ginge
a.k.a Ginge
20 and still serving Served in the Regiment from 1980 onwards and still stagging on in PWRR
Holcombe, Chris
a.k.a. Pronto
78-92 then with 1PWRR until July01 Just keeping in touch. I attend the Sgt's dinner each year also the 60 / 70'bash. Hoping to catch up with a few lost soles that I never seem to meet at either of these functions.
Holman, Michael looking for andy rigby, mark reece, mark burton, 1986 to 89 any 4plt on these dates. I joined B Company in 1986 serving in South Armagh in 1987 and a year in Londonderry in 1989. I am still in contact with Andrew Rigby, Mick Shaw, Mark Burton, Ady Mcgill, Mark Rees and mad Dave Hummerston who is still in the army. So if you know anyone who wants to contact these guys get in touch with me
Hood, Mick Ex 7 Platoon in HK/NI - Docs Clerk in Munster ORC in Dover/Berlin - Chief Clerk in Berlin and Tidworth until 1988 - Moved to HQ 1 BR Corps in Bielefeld until 1992 - Am in contact with Aussie Bates ex 7 Platoon
Hughes, Mick Served 1977 till the death, Y Coy And B Coy and Trg Wing, If Bob Grant has email please send it to me.
Hunt, Bob Excellent web site, nice to see some familiar names, hope to hear from some in the future
Jerrard Paul 1984-1987 B Coy & Z Coy Anti-tanks. Served Berlin, Tidworth and NI.
Jones, Stephen Ex-member of regiment 1971-77
Jones Stephen 1973 TO 1977 Hello to anybody in B Coy or Z Coy who remembers me. John Lemon, Grahame Wicham, Howard Sims, Love to hear from these guys
Judd, Barry
a.k.a. BJ (The Bear)
23 Years. Up The Tigers!!! BJ is in Dover, Would B nice 2 hear from any 1977 to 1998 serving members, Terry P ? Phil D ? Bernie K and Katie B. Still C GUNNER, Curly, Flossy.
kay, Dave
a.k.a. Baggy
1978-1987 served with the regimental Band starting in Munster,berlin, Dover .N. I. and the Falklands .went to Crickowell as an Instructor before last spell in Tidworth .Now serving as Traffic sergeant in Kent police.I live in sevenoaks with sharon who joined me in Munster.We lived in senden. Anymore ex bandies out there ?
Kennedy, Nick
a.k.a Kenny, Red Ken
1989-1992 Would like to hear from anyone who knows me. Best Regt ever, Long live the TIGERS trying to find Dave Turly.
Kerswell, Andy
a.k.a. Spider
24 years. Great to see so many ex anti tanks have become computer iliterate, I knew all that trg I gave them would be usefull one day. I did'nt play football Dale but would have kicked lumps out of u if i did.Still living in NI. Tiny havers & Mark howe live in same area, I'll pass on site details.
Knight, Alan
a.k.a. (Noddy)
Interested in contacting any ex Signals Platoon members from my era, Gib, Colly, HK, Bally K & Ger. Regards
Knuckey, Arnold Anyone who served with my Father ( Arnold Knuckey ) 1942-43. Contact Chris Knuckey
Lackey, Peter Found this site by accident. V. Good. I'm now out and in Marketing, moved back to the Midlands. Not far from Leicester. Got medically discharged due to deafness. Lets face it... only the Royal Hampshires could have a deaf radio sergeant! Regards to all old comrades - Pete
Lambert, Steven
a.k.a. Lamby or Lamb chop
9 years Would welcome contacts, especially from Mick Burns Hammy Spick Hamilton, and anyone else who remembers who the hell I am.
Lavin, Jimmy 1972 -1978 Joined Y Coy in Colchester a few weeks before the Bn returned from Canada. Fell in with a bad crowd Mick Mulligan, Chas Jones Chad Cain, Vic Enticott, Bob Elson, Gagrica, Dave Daven port And the rest of the lads and I have'nt looked back. Good times eh lads
Leech, Jim 1988 Tidworth, now 1PWRR intrested in hearing from anyone that know's me.
Letcher, Steve 9 Years, would like to hear from any body who knows me
Lever, Paul New 1977- 1988 Y & B coy, Good to see so many names from the past. Anyone remembers me please get in contact
Lewis, Graham (TAFF) I was in the RAPC, attached to 1 R. Hamps. In Lemgo and Jamaica, from Sept. 1959 to May 1961. Would love to hear from Jim Slorack, Joe Williams, Mick Beverley, Bill Male, Johnny Wheeler et al. Too many to list. I have lots of photos, plus original front page from Daily Gleaner showing photo of 1R.Hamps football team being presented to Jamaican Government Olympic Minister prior to Cup Final (?).
Lihou, Nigel   15 Years - no message
Long, Shaun
a.k.a. Longy
Served 74 - 79 A coy, Bn Hq, Hong Kong  NI Germany nice to hear from any old tigers
Longhurst, Dave Finnbarr Dodd of the Royal Hampshire Regt. last seen 1980 in Munster, West Germany. Then he moved to Dover and married
Lucas, Mick 1978 -1987 Hi to everyone, excellent 60/70's do. Great to see so many old faces, too many to name. Has anyone seen Frank Roden?
Maginness, Mac 
a.k.a. Mac
88 - 93 Anyone who knows me contact me on the given email address. Still serving currently in Cyprus on OP TOSCA.
Manning, Andy 1985 - 1999 Joined in 1985 at Crickhowell Cwrt-y-Gollen Depot. Served in Tidworth Lucknow Bks, Colchester, Kenya, N.I. all over. Left August 8th '99 from Mooltan Bks next door to Lucknow which has been flattened. I am now serving with the T.A. at Peronne Road Hilsea. If anyone remembers me from Y coy/Drums/Ops coy N.I. or the Gym for my last few years drop me a line. Website: http://www.telecomplus.org/amanning
Mason, Reginald 1957 -1961 Anyone out there from the Royal Hampshire Regiment 1st battalion who remembers me please get in touch. Served in Munster, Jamaica, British Guyana would be great to hear from you.
Matthews, Shaun
a.k.a. chog/Matt
1969-1979 Trying to find out where my old ex pals from the Drums Z coy.Tony payne / Jim homles / Brian pearce / bomber brown and any body else who can remember me!!!!
May, Ron Interested to hear from anyone from 1969 to1973
McCormick, 'Mac'
a.k.a. Mac
87-ammalgamation, 2 PWRR Now Good to see some old mates on the list of ex-members, my regards to you all and best wishes for the future, info on the next re-union would be appreciated, Cheers fella's.
McGee, Eddie
a.k.a. Kermit, McGoo, Specs
1972-1983 Served in Y Coy, Sigs platoon and B Coy, in Hong Kong, Ballykelly, Munster, 'Derry and Dover....any old friends around...be happy to have a pint...now live in Worthing, Sussex.
Merrifield, Rob new
a.k.a. Merry
84-90 Good to see so many names,is Gilly Gilbert still about? Often think about the good times in Milan with Boogie, Nige Kers mad bastards, Happy days
Millerchip, Harvey
a.k.a. FRUB
Still in touch with Jason Clowser and Donkey Dearn Dover Berlin Tidworth Londonderry
Moore, Terry   updated
a.k.a. Moose
Contact, (oops can I say that?)Me any time at this address. Like to here from anyone who knew me
Morey, Tony 1977-1980 Munster and Londonderry. hope lifes treating you well. are you out there Ali Cambell, Gags Gagrica, Cindy Shaw, Terry Percer?
Mouatt, Terry Served in colchester, hong kong , ballykelly
Mulligan, Mike No message
Munns, Stephen
a.k.a. Munnsie
85-present. Ex Acoy 85 then ATKS Still serving in PWRR for my sins Glad to hear from anyone
Newton, Phil
a.k.a. Phil
77-90 Dear Bobby(Elson) Many thanks for the £75 comp when I was in 8Pl in B/K(76-77), or has old age got to you and can't remember? Magillgan range? Me and Chad (God Bless Him) had all the Pls apples? The old R/L Wendy house? Your F*****G Big Walsh thumb in my eye? Have your got me?
Nichols, Alan 79-81. 84-Amalgamation. Anyone who knows me
Norman, Basil John 1940 to 1945 would be great if he could get in touch with any old comrades.
Norris, Keith
a.k.a. Elf
Servered from 79-87, Y Coy, Mortars, PTI. Did Munster, Dover, Berlin NI x2, Fauklands,Tidworth. Now living in Weybridge/Dover. Any of you old slapper out there remember me? website: www.kntech.net
O'Donnell, Sean Served with the 2nd Fourth Battalion Hampshire Regiment Second World War. Is hoping to contact, Joe Murphy who was Co. Clerk and Drum Major Hunt with whom he served in Northern Ireland during the Second World War
Oliver, Robert
a.k.a Ollie
1989 -1992 I was in 6 Plt "B" Coy from 89/92 In L/Derry and in Colchester would like to hear from anyone who knows me.
Oneil, Steve 1972 - 1981 to any and past friends in the signal platoon hello hope to here from you soon.
Osborne, D. updated
a.k.a. Ozzie
Joined the Regt in 86 served in 9 Plt Y coy in South Armagh,Tidworth and Londonderry,if anyone remembers me just drop me a line.
Osman, Andy
a.k.a. Ozzie
5 Years served in Tidworth then Londonderry 12 platoon with YOGI, ROY LUKER, JULAIN WHATLEY, anyone who knows me e-mail
O'Sullivan, Paul Drums Platoon Z Company Served 1986 - 1992 now moved to Brisbane, Aus, permanently, goung to Uni to study Sports Science, and Physiotherapy.
Pates, kevin
a.k.a. shooky
1977-93 Hi, for those that remember me I was in sig plt. Does anyone know where Pete Hammond (hammy) is. I never found my way out of Colchester.
Pavoux, Mick Le
a.k.a Pav
1982 - 1987 Trained at IJLB shorncliff,joined battalion in dover served with 2 platoon in Berlin where i transfered to Drums Plt till i left in 87. Living in Jersey and work at the local Museum.I'm in contact with most of the lads who live over here througth the Minden Club which is a club we formed over here in 1998.Look forward to hearing from anyone who remembers me.
Peck, Garry
a.k.a. Gaz
Seved from 1978 to 1988, 10 Plt Z Coy, Anti-Tanks, QMs, MT Plt, Munster, Dover, Berlin
Pearce, Steve
a.k.a Porky/Manny/Walter Stiffcock/Peach
1970-1981 Joined Minden Coy 1971.Colchester 1972-73.Hong Kong 1974-75.Then Ballykelly and Munster.Served in Signal Plt and Mortar Plt in Hong Kong and Z Coy stores in Ballykelly and Munster.Met up with many old mates at the reunions,still hoping to bump into Dave"Dog"Wickens.Hope theres still people out there that remember me! Please get in touch.

Peel Bernard
a.k.a. bernie

Y Company 8 Platoon 1964 to 1970. Anyone who knows me please contact.
Plent, Dave Ex A -coy and MILAN platoon ........" Stag on fellars "
Quicke, Dave ( Bill ) My Dad, William (Bill) Quicke served throughout WW2, he was so proud to have been part of this regiment and told many great stories of the friends he made and kept. He was a member of the Old commrades association. Unfortunately he passsed away 28/10/00. I would be happy to hear from anyone who knew him.
Rattley, Colin 1971 - 1974 Looking for old Owestry, and Hong Kong mates
Rayner, Jim e-mail coming
Reed, Ian Still serving 1 PWRR: would like to hear from anyone who remembers me and if anyone still keeps in touch with John Cox ex Drums Pl ( Tidworth / Londonderry )
Reynolds, Stephen J Band from 1972 - 1982 in the Regimental Band reaching the dizzy heights of corproral. leaving the regt from Dover.I would love to contact other band members. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Richards, Jim
a.k.a. Jim, Rich, Richie
86-92 "A" & "B" Coy Hello to any old Comrades.
Ridout, Paul
a.k.a. AL
6 years Looking for anyone who remembers me. A coy Munster Anti Tanks Dover Berlin Falklands Any one who knows where Dave Nisbet, Tim Coleman, Nigel Lihou any of those guys ended up? I'm now living in beautiful Colorado, but remember those times as great ones. Lihou, Nesbit, Coleman, Whatley. Get in contact. Great skiing and lots of room for visitors. They don't play cricket here but Ice Hockey Rocks.
Robinson, Kevin
a.k.a. Robo (Bull Dog Head)
13 years Great site just set up an Email address so all those that know of or happen to of had the misfortune over the years do get in touch you know it makes sence.
Rumbold, A..J.
a.ka. Jeff
Served 26 years Any one who wants to chat or pick my brains ref the Regiment . I would be pleased to hear from you.
Ryan, Bob 1983 - 89 Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Too many names to list. available for reunions Bhammitzfahs and weddings
Sadler, Mark
a.k.a. Sads
1983-current. 18 yrs done - counting days to pension!! Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me from Royal Hampshires.
Scrase, Mogs 1987- Present: Anyone who Knows me.
Shanley, Chris 1958-1965: Any members of "Z" Coy or "B" Coy.
Shaw, Stephen
a.k.a. Jock
72-76. Served in B coy then Admin M.T Section Colchester Newry N.I, HongKong, Londonderry Anyone remember me?? now working in haulage someone must remember.
Shipway, Pete
a.k.a. Boat
1972- 1978 RECCE PLATOON, AND ANTI TANKS Any one I served with drop me an email, Jeffers from alton, jock makkecnie, from morters and any body else for a chat.
Smith, Clive
a.k.a. Biffo
Regtl Clerk, A, Z and HQ Coys, ORC for a little while (Mr Morby didnt like my 22 air rifle). Does anyone have any idea of the whereabouts of Kevin Macey (ex Sigs Z Coy)or Peter Gray (Band)? In regular contact with the old git ELSON, Mick Hood, John Clay and Scat Battey.
Smith, Mark
a.k.a. Smudger
10 in 1 R Hamps - still serving Served Dover, Berlin ect and still serving in 2 PWRR. Good to see so many familar names. Anyone from A coy 1982 - 1989, COP in Londonderry or Y Coy 1991/2 or anyone who knows me give me an e-mail
Smith, Martin
a.k.a Smudger 77
1983-1990 To any tigers who walked the land with the anti-tank platoon 83-90 get in touch. The beers are on ice.
Smith, Mike
a.k.a. Smudger / Little S
1965-1973 looking forward to hearing from any x corp of drums who sevred during late 60/early/70s
Spicer, Mark 83 onwards - I would be glad to hear from anyone who knows me.
Standring, Brian New
a.k.a. Stan
1980-1990 Served in the regiment from 80-90 would mainly with A and Z. Would like to here from anyone that remembers me especially any ex fraggles from Berlin or Tidworth. In the words of the best ever RSM "You know who you are"
Staplehurst, Syd Has anyone seen or heard from Steve Phipps? he still owes me $10 form Hong Kong!!!!!!!
Stringer, Edward
a.k.a. George
Served with the 7th. Bat. Hampshires from June 1940 until spring 1945 and then with the 1st.Bat. until March 1946. My comrades are never very far away. Hoping to find someone who served with me during those very eventful years,
Tansley, Chris
a.k.a. Twos up
1982-1988 Hello to everyone who remembers me it would be great to speak to old pals again.
a.k.a. Spud
1984 - 91 Joined the Drums platoon towards the end of Berlin,left during tour of Londonderry. Had the easy life of ME3!! Would be great to hear from anybody who remembers!!
Taylor, Stephen
a.k.a Steve
22 Years. I enlisted in the Royal Hampshire Regiment in 1960 posted to Jamaica (B. Company) / Nassau (C. Company). In 1962 TO 1964 I was posted to the Devon and Dorset Regiment. Returned to the Royal Hampshire Regiment into the Assault Pioneers Platoon from 1964 to 1971 Back to the Devon and Dorset's from 1971 to 1975. I transferred to the Military Provost Staff Corps in 1975. I completed my 22 years service in 1982. I served in the Caribbean, Bahamas, B.A.O.R, Hong Kong, Singapore, Borneo, Cyprus, Malta, N.Iraland, Belize.I have now retired and live in Colchester.
Terrett, Barry
a.k.a. tez terrett
1975 to 1997 To anyone that can remenber me Iam now living in colchester. And belive or not Iam still playing rugby at colchester RFC
Thomas, Mike
a.k.a. Tomo
1985 to 1988 Looking for anyone who served with me in the drums/mg platoon especialy gary painter, ozzie, bomber, stew willson, russ, dev. etc.
Thorne, Tony 1983 - 1995 Any body remember me, fit goodlooking, and the body of adonis, wanna hear from all those that were privaliged to serve under me, and over me and any one who wanted a paper pass (BFT) in exchange for sexual favours especially the boys from COP platoon Londonderry, Dale Allan were R U!!
Thornley, Martin All those names, Alan(noddy)Knight (HQ COY) Mick Hood(7plt) Aussie Bates(7) Terry Mowatt(Bcoy) Bobby Elson(Ycoy) and his side kick Mick Mulligan LOL, Eddie McGhee(Ycoy) Mick Crocker(Bcoy I think) Steve Toon(HQ) taught me signals in HK 74, Roger Coleman R best RSM? anybody remember Terry Ball Dave Pink Mac Horder Bob Prophet(capt) Graham Wickenden Roy Palmer, to many to mention
Thurgood, Mark I served from 1979-1985 in Y coy, A coy, Y coy. Good times not forgotten
Till, Peter
a.k.a ( Bo )
The site is great. I am interested in finding anybody who may remember me from my years with the 1st Battalion Hampshire Regiment. I was stationed at, Rawalpindi from 1937 - (Kamptee )
Todd, David new L/cpl with B coy and Recce Pl. Looking for CSM Webb, Roy Bull Davis, Gunner Allen, Lofty Webb, Robinson, Les Harper, Baverstoke, Donkey Knight, and my best mate Curly Thompson, Were have all the goodguys gone? Remeber singapore and cleaning up the oil in Devon, happy days. Contact me through my nephew who also served. Anyinfo on the dirty dozen will be much appreciated.
Todd, Richard
a.k.a. Toddy
1985 - 94 Served Tidworth through to Omagh. 9 Pl Y Coy, Recce Pl and Close Observation Pl. Would like to say hi to all serving and ex tigers. Also sorry to Ted Heath for blowing him up.
Toon, Stephen F
a.k.a. Toonie
1965 - 1976 Served Netherhaven, Cyprus Exercise and with UN, NI, Germany with the Glosters,Colchester,Hong Kong and NI, Moved out to Australia 1976. After so many years It still great to hear from all my Old mates website: http://www.impactaids.org.uk/gsdodds/
Turner, Neil
a.k.a. Tina
1988-Present day hello to any one who knows me. Currently serving with PWRR AYT at Thorney Island
Twomey, Stan 1930's (B.1911) Now retired, living in Los Angeles. He would like to hear from anyone who served with him in India in the 1930's.
a.k.a. Tiny
1979 - 1985 Mike Macmillan, Alby Campbell, Bob Payne & Pete Long.. Where are you all now drop me a line if our paths crossed
Vickers, Kev 22 Yrs. Just completed 22 yrs,Still in touch with a few old faces, great to hear from anyone that knows me
Viner, Gordon My father served with the Tigers during the 2nd world war, he retired in the late 60s after serving in Aden with the Federal Regular Army. He is now house bound but any old friends that would like to get in touch with Gordon Viner please E-mail me

Walker Paul
a.k.a wally / wendy

Served from 1974 to 1979, first Y company, then Y Company clerk and then Z Company clerk. Anyone who knows me drop me an email
Walker, Vic
a.k.a Vic
1954-1958 - Would welcome contact from any of the members who remember me.
a.k.a. Jack or Crazy Jack
84-88 I'm still alive and kicking
Webb, John 1959 JAMAICA I would like to make contact with Dave Web last seen in Jamaica 1959. I am John web from Swindon Wilts. Dave is my cousin
Whatley, Julian
a.k.a. Jules
Just finished 24 years, love to hear from anyone who served with me, 3 Platoon Munster, Anti Tanks 1980 onwards, settled down in Herne Bay Kent.
White, Andy
a.k.a Chalkie
1990 1995 great web site, if any one remembers me get in touch.
a.k.a. Ginger
1959 - 1968 Served Jamaica, BH, Munster, Aldershot, Hong-Kong ( Borneo ) Netheravon. Any old members of Recce Platoon, get in touch.
Williams, R.A.
a.k.a: Archie
The Bandmaster at the time I served with the Regiment was BM. Clive French I would like to hear from any of the members of the Regimental Band who served at the same time My last posting was Hong Kong
Williams, R.
a.k.a: Wills
Proudly served in 1 R Hamps from 1990 to amalgamation and then with 2 pwrr. Looking to get in touch with Martin Mouncher, Derek Beista and John Hughes or any other B Coy lads.
Wilson, Richard
a.k.a Willy
7 Years, Joined The Royal Hampshire in Jun 86 as a Junior Leader. In Aug 87, after training I went to Y Company, 7 Platoon. Stayed with the Regiment until amalgamation to PWRR.
Winton Brian Hi to all that remember me, does anyone know how i can contact Kev Dodd ?
Wit, Marc
a.k.a. Wit
1984 - 1998 Hi all -I'm still alive and kicking. Now living in hertfordshire. If you know me get in touch. wit
Wooldridge Andy 1979 - Present Still serving, At MoD Whitehall
Woollhead, Mark
a.k.a. woollhead
July 1990~Oct 1995 JIB, Colchester, kenya, Omagh, X~RANGE would like to hear from any old mates.
Worley, Jim(Son) 11 Years Would love to hear from anyone who knew my father, 1960 onwards. He served in BAOR/Osnabruck/Munster, Malaya, Borneo, Cyprus, Colchester, Felixstowe and finally as a TA instructor in Lincoln.
Worsop, Robert Arthur
a.k.a. AW
18 1/2 years. Hi to all great to see some old mates messages. Since leaving I have been living in Perth Western Australia and love it. Hope to hear from those who remember me until then take care to all

Wright, Dale

1976 - Present day. Does anyone know where I can exchange my Y Coy tracksuit as its gone a bit thin! Please grass up anyone who kicked lumps out of me on the football pitch over the years......Regards
Yeo, Roger new 1971-1977 I started in Minden Coy In Gib, then was dog section Roman Bks, Arms Kote Comd Coy, Mortar Plt Hong Kong. I finished in Ballykelly afterdoing stints in Int section and Drums. If you knowme please feel free to get in touch.