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Devoted to the history and men of the 37th Foot, 67th Foot, 37th North Hampshire Regt, 67th South Hampshire Regt, The Hampshire Regiment, The Royal Hampshire Regiment.
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This web site has partnered with Beth Turner to bring you products with regimental crests on a wide verity of products ranging from mugs to wall clocks and t-shirts. Beth has been in the design field for 15 years creating custom graphics and has appeared in a number of television design shows in the United States. We asked Beth to create a number of regimental crests, these where drawn by her on a computer and represent her interpretation of past and present military badges. If you don't see anything that you like please contact us we can create custom designs for your needs by adding your name or creating a completely new design or logo.

Are you a member of a club, association, or reenactment group and currently have a design, we can help you place the design on a number of products see our Sergeant's Mess example.

For every item of ours sold we will donate 1 US dollar to the Regimental Museum this works out to be 55 pence after currency conversion ( 1 USD = 0.553097 GBP ---- 1 GBP = 1.80800 USD as of 2004.01.05 18:18:44 GMT ) to check the conversion rate click here . Associations clubs or individuals that we create products for will also receive 1 US Dollar for any of their items sold.

Individual custom changes to an item (adding your name) will add an extra $2.00 to item

example - ( 25 Sgt's Mess items are sold. Sgt's Mess receives £13. 83 if 1 USD = 0.553097 GBP ---- 1 GBP = 1.80800 USD as of 2004.01.05 18:18:44 GMT )

Donation payments will be sent once a total of $25.00 US Dollars has been reached and will be converted to GB Pounds on the date the payment is sent.

***** Note Amount will be whatever the exchange rate is on that date and conversion cost will be deducted.